With Labordeta in memory

Music Aragon lived yesterday its special party, which crowns the best of the year , with a gala at the best possible scenario: the Principal of Zaragoza. Groups more known, others that will go far, some that will not be so lucky. In short, a sign that there product and also the good in Aragon .

Product like Tachenko , the award took two (best song and best video for Loophole) of the three categories that were nominated; or the Volador , clinching the award for best group . Awards for those who have ceased to be a promise ( Lousiana, greater projection ), for those who work with little support ( Delirium Tremens, better self – released album ) and for those who are fully committed: Enrique Bunbury, award for best live 2010 .

Prizes for the soloists (Pecker) and for those who do it in group (Dada, best EP). For those who enjoy next to the mixer, but each in his own style: Chelis, best DJ; and Rap’sus’Klei, whose album pandemic took the best album . Recognition for those who dare with home, as Pepin Banzo, who with his Jota from Saragosa got the award for best song in minority language Aragonese.

Not only groups and singers make the Aragonese music presumption of good health, so there are also prizes for those who support them , as Luis Lles or Matías Uribe, whose blog The voice of my master won the award for best web ahead of Zaragoza2016 among others. And also prizes for the inside and the outside: This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship, of Bigott, award for best production ; and Little things, Stabilito Diego, awarded by its cover .