Attacks on Vadillo for labeling the Aragonese “frankestein” and “much glue Imedio”

Aragon is, according to the newly appointed Director General of Culture of the Government of Aragon, journalist Humberto Vadillo,a “frankenstein language full of welts” and result of “one patient philological work and much glue Imedio “. These statements, as reflected in an opinion piece published in Digital Freedom last December and signed by the highest […]

The Prainsa begins the course with a spectacular rout

The Prainsa Zaragoza has imposed on Sunday in its first game of the Superliga season to ReocĂ­n Racing de Santander, a rookie in the Superliga Femenina who has paid face to face defensive fragility and inexperience.Alberto girls Bern, however, have managed to overcome significant casualties such as Edit or Sara and a studded team have […]

Zaragoza will be more accessible thanks to a mobile application of a student of SEAS

There are mobile applications or ‘apps’ of all kinds, but there was a gap with regard to improving accessibility for the disabled, a student ofSEAS Open Studios , Javier Martinez Battle (22 years), has covered his project’DisPlaceToolV1.0′ . In an almost casual way, this student of Zaragoza student career Bachelor in Information Technology (IT) , […]

Criminal complaint against the newspaper accusing Biel of charging 500,000 euros in commissions

The Aragonese Party will file a criminal complaint against the newspaper El Confidencia l after publishing in today’s edition information accusing the president of training and vice president of DGA, Jose Angel Biel, pocketing allegedly more than 500,000 euros in commissions. According to the Secretary of Communication of PAR, Rosa Santos, “it is in the […]

Unrest in Madrid closes a 25-S with 64 injured and 35 detainees

The peaceful rally of ‘Surrounds Congress’ did not finish as intended by its organizers and despite the large police presence and a large majority manifested civic manerca, from 21:30 ET on ending the permit concentration granted by the Government Office, the unrest began. Once again, a minority scattered between Atocha and Neptune again confronted and […]

The ‘Gender Violence Act’ causes strong inequalities

The Faculty of Law of Zaragoza organizes the day ‘The family relations and its legal regulation’. Absences and legal absences that supposes an “ideological” shaping of some laws that try to promote the equality Many judges, mediators, psychologists and experts say the legal regulation of family relations is misconceived and generates a “great asymmetry” between […]