The truth of the Pennant car

Zaragocista former player bought during his time in the Aragonese capital aPorsche Cayenne second hand joined together with the Ferrari F430 brought from England, its fleet.

At the end of August and coinciding with his transfer to Stoke City, the Briton parked his car at the Delicias station in Zaragoza when he was ready to catch the train leaving inside the ticket.

After three weeks – and not five months – on 22 September, the footballer contacted JF NovaService , company multiservice dedicated to personal assistance, who were responsible forĀ  picking up the car and park it in the house Pennant has rented in Zaragoza , Where it has remained until this moment.

Sources close to the footballer have contributed documents to with which they pretend to certify that the information on the incident that have appeared in various national and local media and which are being echoed English media do not fit the reality.