The City of Zaragoza could host Arcosur on October 18

The owners of a house in the new neighborhood of Arcosur already see the date closer to enter to live in their new homes. According to the agenda of the City of Zaragoza, October 18 is the day chosen for the neighborhood rececpcionar zaragozano by the Consistory , the same day that Endesa will start to manage the new high electric sumistro for future neighbors.

In this way, if nothing prevents it, during the first half of November will be delivered in a definitive way the 2,500 first homes. In this way, it will end with several instability, in which many neighbors feared delays when entering to live in their new homes. Likewise, the Board of Directors has announced that the ‘unveiling’ of the area will also be carried out on October 18 itself.

Today, in the absence of receiving the neighborhood, it has terminated the Phase 1 while the second will be finished “at the latest” next November 15 , according to data handled by the Board of Directors of the neighborhood. This second phase is the only plot located to the north of the new neighborhood, which in turn connects directly with Rosales del Canal. If all of these dates are fulfilled, the neighbors have already announced the celebration of “an act that symbolizes all the way traveled until now and the struggle that our organization has taken to make Arcosur a reality,” they say