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The ‘Gender Violence Act’ causes strong inequalities

The ‘Gender Violence Act’ causes strong inequalities

The Faculty of Law of Zaragoza organizes the day ‘The family relations and its legal regulation’. Absences and legal absences that supposes an “ideological” shaping of some laws that try to promote the equality

Many judges, mediators, psychologists and experts say the legal regulation of family relations is misconceived and generates a “great asymmetry” between man and woman , to the detriment of the former, commented forensic psychologist at the Institute of Legal Medicine Of Aragon and coordinator of UPyD, Cristina Andreu.

The criminal “asymmetry” in violence serves as an endorsement for a behavior to be sanctioned much more seriously when a man than a woman, according to Andreu, a professional who treats more than 200 cases a year. “This has no reason to be from the point of view of technical, scientific, based on data as well as from the legally and politically , ” he added.

The UPyD party, which is coordinating Andreu, proposed a reform of the penal code before Congress. “We do not see normal this injustice that comments,” said the psychologist. However, all political parties rejected it. One of the reasons that Andreu defends for reform is to eliminate this asymmetry, and that “when an aggression occurs, and the victim is a woman, then it is applied correctly but not simply because of the fact that to be a woman”.

From the Civic Platform for Equality it has spent a survey of all political parties at the national level and also at regional level, to speak out on this matter, “and commit to change these aspects you want the m
ost of the Society, “said the family judge of the Seville courts, Franciso Serrano.

For Serrano society is not “an opportunistic society of course, free of manipulation.” It calls for a commitment on the part of political parties to bring about reforms in laws that undervalue man, such as reform of the law of violence, divorce law on housing allocation, distribution of property, pensions.

On joint custody with preferential status of women to the detriment of man, Serrano has said that the main problem lies in the concept of abuse. It should be advocated that “people really defend themselves regardless of their sex, so that no one suffers a situation of vulnerability in the family situation,” said Serrano.

Throughout the talk has insisted on the need to limit the concept of maltr ato , “we must put limits to the concept without uploading it to heaven, if we put up the clear roof that will not be false allegations Because, of course, any discussion that is denounced is true, “explained Serrano.

Maltreatment should not be seen as the only problem of gender violence “as stated in the Violence Act,” Andreu said. According to data obtained from several studies, machismo involved in a percentage, however, “there are murders that have nothing to do with machismo.” Both Serrano and Andreu have appealed that “the ideology of the Law limits our analysis of the factors that affect, because to observe something requires a broad vision.”


Situation in Aragón

The provincial tax laws of the autonomous community guarantee the citizen a certain independence from the legal regime of the Civil Code. In Aragon there is a Foral Law much more open to the consensus between the couple, aimed at greater agreement and shared custody.

The chief judge of the courts of Zaragoza, Angel Dolado, makes a positive assessment regarding the results of the judgments of the last four months, which has analyzed for the paper. “I do the assessment is positive in the sense that there are many judgments of the Aragonese courts that have issued joint custody of children , ” said Dolado.