Criminal complaint against the newspaper accusing Biel of charging 500,000 euros in commissions

The Aragonese Party will file a criminal complaint against the newspaper El Confidencia l after publishing in today’s edition information accusing the president of training and vice president of DGA, Jose Angel Biel, pocketing allegedly more than 500,000 euros in commissions. According to the Secretary of Communication of PAR, Rosa Santos, “it is in the hands of judíricos services Party” and said that “imminently” will be brought to justice ” is absolutely unfounded accusation that the only intention is littering a procedure election ” as now, so close to the regional and municipal elections on May 22.

As is published in The Confidential , Jose Angel Biel, president and vice president of PAR Government of Aragon, c worked more than 85 million pesetas in commissions in exchange for expediting procedures for urban macro project in La Muela. This information is based on an alleged recording between Antonio Quero Martin , of course figurehead and “trusted person” from Biel -so is described in a report of the Brigade of Money Laundering of the police, he boasts of being “Mr. 3 % ” .

Quero, who was a councilor of PAR in the city of Zaragoza (1987-1991) and adviser in the Aragonese Executive (1999-2003) says in the recording that Biel “I have released 85 million pesetas, and he will cast ” . He adds: “Because, of course, calling for a reclassification of rural land to urban, and were first 8,000 homes, then wanted 10,000 , then demanded more meters to a mall, then they are more buildable compute … And is that We are talking about a General Plan that is worth a lot! ”

Always according to information from El Confidencial, Quero refers in that record to land-use planning of La Muela and businesses Promociones Santa Rosa SA and Wilcox property, both owned by businessman Telesforo Llorente , who is who allegedly paid the number two of government Aragonese those “85 million pesetas” – some 510,000 euros in exchange for the Provincial Planning Commission of Zaragoza desbloquease urban project known as Ciudad Zaragoza Golf.

At another point in the recording, the caller Quero recognizes that the direction of P AR encouraged their elected representatives to raise funds for the party coffers . “Chaticos, do what comes into your balls but here are to bring peels , because many times, but being in opposition, also give money.”

At the moment Jose Angel Biel has refused to comment this medium . This is how it has suspended all the events planned for today. Nevertheless, from his press office they have assured that it has done it “by questions of personal agenda” and not by the published information.