Unrest in Madrid closes a 25-S with 64 injured and 35 detainees

The peaceful rally of ‘Surrounds Congress’ did not finish as intended by its organizers and despite the large police presence and a large majority manifested civic manerca, from 21:30 ET on ending the permit concentration granted by the Government Office, the unrest began.

Once again, a minority scattered between Atocha and Neptune again confronted and provoked the police officers, who had clear orders to avoid any kind of altercation. And from Avenida Barcelona City could envision dozens of police vehicles at the entrances to the Atocha station, from the Paseo del Prado, the own station and Calle Atocha . Minorities scattered in various groups cut off the traffic by dumping trash and containers to keep vehicles from moving.

Clashes with the police spread through neighboring streets when there were just protesters and extended in time almost until midnight with a final balance of 64 injured and 35 detainees. The moments of greater tension were lived in the square of Neptune. There the police had to carry rubber balls because of the violence of another minority group of demonstrators. Even the violent attempts reached inside Atocha, on the same platforms.

But, loads started even before. At seven p.m. moments of tranquility and peaceful protest with the first incident occurred s minority who began throwing bottles, batteries and other objects. Three agents were assaulted by this group of demonstrators, although they achieved their goal: that no one skipped the police ring that shielded the Congress from midnight Monday to Tuesday even for one of the 13 alleys that give access to the hemicycle. Among them, Cidacos, Zorrilla or even by the main street: the race of San Jerónimo.

The goal of symbolically surround the Congress to mostar the citizens are fed by government measures, calling for his resignation and make way for a constitutional process (idea have repeated the organizers ad nauseum) was watered down by the incidents were in Growing as it advanced late Tuesday night.

The agents were distributed into three police rings. In all, almost 1,400 police officers came from 30 of the 52 groups of IPUs of the National Police. It was the first arrests at seven o’clock in the afternoon that boosted the mood and opened the way for the uproar of some citizens who demanded to approach the Congress accusing the politicians of hiding in the hemicycle. Many fathers and mothers expressed their complaints about the employment status of their children : unemployed or in fear of losing their jobs. With the mood on one of the images of the day it was distributed: that of an older man dragged by police Naciona l, which has turned in RRSS. Twitter circulated the instant that spread like wildfire

Protesters have decided to return to half past seven p.m. on Wednesday to express their revulsion and attract more groups.