The Prainsa begins the course with a spectacular rout

The Prainsa Zaragoza has imposed on Sunday in its first game of the Superliga season to Reocín Racing de Santander, a rookie in the Superliga Femenina who has paid face to face defensive fragility and inexperience.Alberto girls Bern, however, have managed to overcome significant casualties such as Edit or Sara and a studded team have played canteranas pleasure and have displayed the lively and dynamic football deploying coming years.The match has been resolved long before the break. Jana in the 14th minute showed the path of the rout, a path that have also followed Mariela and Nuria before the collegiate sent both teams to the locker rooms. The Prainsa dominated until then the ball and with great seriousness has barely made concessions to the santanderinas.

However, after the restart the Aragonese have caught the rhythm of Reocín and the shock has been ‘broken’. The field of Delicias has become a real ‘correcalles’. Nuria, on two other occasions, Barbara and Maria have contributed to the thrashing of a Prainsa that has embedded four so much fruit of its defensive errors and the work of a very active Lucy on the part of the visitors.

Upon completion of the meeting, Alberto Berna was satisfied by what happened in the league debut, especially in the first act. “It was a bit strange monologue with one of our really good first half but in the second we left relaxed and has been brutal, with nine goals” , explained coach Prainsa. On the new pitch, Delicias, thanked that he has attended “many people” and has ensured that they have adapted “phenomenally”.

Bern has highlighted that have had a “very high” competitive level and have arranged “often” periods thanks to those who have played “really well”. “The best is the first time and win, although we have been misled to defensive level. More than our potential, the truth is that (Reocín) will pass the hard time to keep the category” , he warned.