Zaragoza will be more accessible thanks to a mobile application of a student of SEAS

There are mobile applications or ‘apps’ of all kinds, but there was a gap with regard to improving accessibility for the disabled, a student ofSEAS Open Studios , Javier Martinez Battle (22 years), has covered his project’DisPlaceToolV1.0′ .

In an almost casual way, this student of Zaragoza student career Bachelor in Information Technology (IT) , found that his project could improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families.

Together with the training center SEAS Estudios Abiertos has developed this mobile geolocation application with Android technology, which aims to improve the needs and the real accessibility of people with reduced mobility (PMR). The mobile application, as explained by the student, has three buttons: new search, adapted taxis and reserved parking. For now you can check your work on this blog .

Various searches, taxis and adapted car parks

Buttons, the first app is similar to Google Maps that promotes the person in question information on accommodation, restaurants or bars adapted; A second button that emits a warning with automatic call to the service of adapted taxis, thus, by means of a GPS system the vehicles for this type of passengers can go to the exact location where the user with reduced mobility in Zaragoza is.

And a third button that incorporates all the parking spaces adapted, about 600, which has facilitated the City of Zaragoza. This project has been developed within the framework of the training provided in online mode. The project has relied on the advice of one of the most representative of people with disabilities in Aragon entities, the DFA Foundation , which has provided information on the daily needs in terms of accessibility for people with disabilities. It has also had the informative support of the Information and Tourism Office of the city of Zaragoza.

Javier Martinez Battle intends from now deploy application services and develop it in other cities in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona Valencia . He has just opened his blog and knows that this application is going to have a future, because it facilitates the day-to-day life of people with reduced mobility, their families and is an instrument of tourism, therefore economic wealth for the city of Zaragoza, now More accessible and supportive.

‘DisPlaceToolV1.0’ is an example of the type of project presents SEAS students after the race Bachelor in Information Technology (IT) to obtain the degree. It is a way for students to put into practice all the knowledge acquired, allowing them to design cutting-edge technological projects, useful for society and integrators in their function.