Attacks on Vadillo for labeling the Aragonese “frankestein” and “much glue Imedio”

Aragon is, according to the newly appointed Director General of Culture of the Government of Aragon, journalist Humberto Vadillo,a “frankenstein language full of welts” and result of “one patient philological work and much glue Imedio “. These statements, as reflected in an opinion piece published in Digital Freedom last December and signed by the highest regional office, is the subject of much criticism on social networks, especially in the popular Twitter.

The article states that the Law of Languages “places the Catalan and the Aragonese ‘fabla’ as languages of Aragon with all the institutional, administrative and tax baggage” while criticizing that “ribagorzano”, “cheso” The chapurriao “to create higher positions”.

The publication of a letter to the ‘indignados’ and the 15M movement on the same website is also being criticized. Under the title ‘ Charter and indignant young Spanish ‘, he manifested Vadillo c gainst the government subsidies to culture. “The state subsidizes, always with our money, the cinema that wants, the art that pleases, the theater that suits you.” Moreover, he insists that ” subsidized culture is a dead culture”.

Vadillo, who was appointed chief executive officer at noon on Wednesday, declined to comment. While there has been the Minister of Education, Culture and University, Dolores Serrat, which has come out and defended this choice. In this regard, Serrat has indicated that has an important career “and that” knows the areas which will incorporate “while Vadillo added that ” is here to serve the Aragoneses “.