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The Prainsa begins the course with a spectacular rout

The Prainsa Zaragoza has imposed on Sunday in its first game of the Superliga season to Reocín Racing de Santander, a rookie in the Superliga Femenina who has paid face to face defensive fragility and inexperience.Alberto girls Bern, however, have managed to overcome significant casualties such as Edit or Sara and a studded team have played canteranas pleasure and have displayed the lively and dynamic football deploying coming years.The match has been resolved long before the break. Jana in the 14th minute showed the path of the rout, a path that have also followed Mariela and Nuria before the collegiate sent both teams to the locker rooms. The Prainsa dominated until then the ball and with great seriousness has barely made concessions to the santanderinas.

However, after the restart the Aragonese have caught the rhythm of Reocín and the shock has been ‘broken’. The field of Delicias has become a real ‘correcalles’. Nuria, on two other occasions, Barbara and Maria have contributed to the thrashing of a Prainsa that has embedded four so much fruit of its defensive errors and the work of a very active Lucy on the part of the visitors.

Upon completion of the meeting, Alberto Berna was satisfied by what happened in the league debut, especially in the first act. “It was a bit strange monologue with one of our really good first half but in the second we left relaxed and has been brutal, with nine goals” , explained coach Prainsa. On the new pitch, Delicias, thanked that he has attended “many people” and has ensured that they have adapted “phenomenally”.

Bern has highlighted that have had a “very high” competitive level and have arranged “often” periods thanks to those who have played “really well”. “The best is the first time and win, although we have been misled to defensive level. More than our potential, the truth is that (Reocín) will pass the hard time to keep the category” , he warned.

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Zaragoza will be more accessible thanks to a mobile application of a student of SEAS

There are mobile applications or ‘apps’ of all kinds, but there was a gap with regard to improving accessibility for the disabled, a student ofSEAS Open Studios , Javier Martinez Battle (22 years), has covered his project’DisPlaceToolV1.0′ .

In an almost casual way, this student of Zaragoza student career Bachelor in Information Technology (IT) , found that his project could improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families.

Together with the training center SEAS Estudios Abiertos has developed this mobile geolocation application with Android technology, which aims to improve the needs and the real accessibility of people with reduced mobility (PMR). The mobile application, as explained by the student, has three buttons: new search, adapted taxis and reserved parking. For now you can check your work on this blog .

Various searches, taxis and adapted car parks

Buttons, the first app is similar to Google Maps that promotes the person in question information on accommodation, restaurants or bars adapted; A second button that emits a warning with automatic call to the service of adapted taxis, thus, by means of a GPS system the vehicles for this type of passengers can go to the exact location where the user with reduced mobility in Zaragoza is.

And a third button that incorporates all the parking spaces adapted, about 600, which has facilitated the City of Zaragoza. This project has been developed within the framework of the training provided in online mode. The project has relied on the advice of one of the most representative of people with disabilities in Aragon entities, the DFA Foundation , which has provided information on the daily needs in terms of accessibility for people with disabilities. It has also had the informative support of the Information and Tourism Office of the city of Zaragoza.

Javier Martinez Battle intends from now deploy application services and develop it in other cities in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona Valencia . He has just opened his blog and knows that this application is going to have a future, because it facilitates the day-to-day life of people with reduced mobility, their families and is an instrument of tourism, therefore economic wealth for the city of Zaragoza, now More accessible and supportive.

‘DisPlaceToolV1.0’ is an example of the type of project presents SEAS students after the race Bachelor in Information Technology (IT) to obtain the degree. It is a way for students to put into practice all the knowledge acquired, allowing them to design cutting-edge technological projects, useful for society and integrators in their function.

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Financing the Cost of your Home Renovations

So, you have been planning for years to renovate your home but the money just isn’t coming together as quickly as you had hoped. You might think that there is really nothing you can do to change the situation, at least at first. After all, sometimes life just happens and things don’t exactly work out the way that you have planned, even if those plans have been meticulously made. Fortunately, if your plan was to renovate your home and money is the only obstacle then there is a solution for you. Home Renovation loans are used to allow people to make necessary repairs to their home or to completely renovate the home as they wish. It might be the right answer for you.

The thing about these types of loans is that they come with a wide variety of different terms and conditions, allowing you to find the loan that really works for you. This in turn gives you several options when it comes to things like interest rates, repaying the loan and the amount of money that you will ultimately spend in the process. Depending on your particular financial situation and the type of loan that you choose, you might even have some additional options when it comes to the amount of time that you have to repay the loan. This means that you might be able to take longer to pay the loan back and then pay far less each month. The end result is that it can take a lot of the pressure off of you from a financial perspective, thereby giving you the opportunity to make the home improvements that you have been planning to make without creating a financial situation that makes you question your very sanity in the long run.

These types of loans are excellent options regardless of the changes you want to make to your home. For instance, your home may be in need of an upgrade when it comes to some of the wiring or maybe it needs a paint job from ceiling to floor. Perhaps you need a new roof. Maybe there is nothing wrong with your home from a structural perspective, yet you have been living in a home that has been virtually unchanged for decades and you really want to make some major changes by renovating each room. Whatever you want to do, you can use the money to do exactly that.

If you have been putting off your home renovations, perhaps now is the time to start seriously planning for completing all of the things that you have longed for. Whether your goal is to put in a new studio or put a safe room in your house, renovation loans can allow you to do all of these things and more. The truly great thing about it is that it gives you the chance to stretch out the cost over a period of several years as opposed to being forced to come up with all of the money in a single lump sum.

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Attacks on Vadillo for labeling the Aragonese “frankestein” and “much glue Imedio”

Aragon is, according to the newly appointed Director General of Culture of the Government of Aragon, journalist Humberto Vadillo,a “frankenstein language full of welts” and result of “one patient philological work and much glue Imedio “. These statements, as reflected in an opinion piece published in Digital Freedom last December and signed by the highest regional office, is the subject of much criticism on social networks, especially in the popular Twitter.

The article states that the Law of Languages “places the Catalan and the Aragonese ‘fabla’ as languages of Aragon with all the institutional, administrative and tax baggage” while criticizing that “ribagorzano”, “cheso” The chapurriao “to create higher positions”.

The publication of a letter to the ‘indignados’ and the 15M movement on the same website is also being criticized. Under the title ‘ Charter and indignant young Spanish ‘, he manifested Vadillo c gainst the government subsidies to culture. “The state subsidizes, always with our money, the cinema that wants, the art that pleases, the theater that suits you.” Moreover, he insists that ” subsidized culture is a dead culture”.

Vadillo, who was appointed chief executive officer at noon on Wednesday, declined to comment. While there has been the Minister of Education, Culture and University, Dolores Serrat, which has come out and defended this choice. In this regard, Serrat has indicated that has an important career “and that” knows the areas which will incorporate “while Vadillo added that ” is here to serve the Aragoneses “.

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Criminal complaint against the newspaper accusing Biel of charging 500,000 euros in commissions

The Aragonese Party will file a criminal complaint against the newspaper El Confidencia l after publishing in today’s edition information accusing the president of training and vice president of DGA, Jose Angel Biel, pocketing allegedly more than 500,000 euros in commissions. According to the Secretary of Communication of PAR, Rosa Santos, “it is in the hands of judíricos services Party” and said that “imminently” will be brought to justice ” is absolutely unfounded accusation that the only intention is littering a procedure election ” as now, so close to the regional and municipal elections on May 22.

As is published in The Confidential , Jose Angel Biel, president and vice president of PAR Government of Aragon, c worked more than 85 million pesetas in commissions in exchange for expediting procedures for urban macro project in La Muela. This information is based on an alleged recording between Antonio Quero Martin , of course figurehead and “trusted person” from Biel -so is described in a report of the Brigade of Money Laundering of the police, he boasts of being “Mr. 3 % ” .

Quero, who was a councilor of PAR in the city of Zaragoza (1987-1991) and adviser in the Aragonese Executive (1999-2003) says in the recording that Biel “I have released 85 million pesetas, and he will cast ” . He adds: “Because, of course, calling for a reclassification of rural land to urban, and were first 8,000 homes, then wanted 10,000 , then demanded more meters to a mall, then they are more buildable compute … And is that We are talking about a General Plan that is worth a lot! ”

Always according to information from El Confidencial, Quero refers in that record to land-use planning of La Muela and businesses Promociones Santa Rosa SA and Wilcox property, both owned by businessman Telesforo Llorente , who is who allegedly paid the number two of government Aragonese those “85 million pesetas” – some 510,000 euros in exchange for the Provincial Planning Commission of Zaragoza desbloquease urban project known as Ciudad Zaragoza Golf.

At another point in the recording, the caller Quero recognizes that the direction of P AR encouraged their elected representatives to raise funds for the party coffers . “Chaticos, do what comes into your balls but here are to bring peels , because many times, but being in opposition, also give money.”

At the moment Jose Angel Biel has refused to comment this medium . This is how it has suspended all the events planned for today. Nevertheless, from his press office they have assured that it has done it “by questions of personal agenda” and not by the published information.

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With Labordeta in memory

Music Aragon lived yesterday its special party, which crowns the best of the year , with a gala at the best possible scenario: the Principal of Zaragoza. Groups more known, others that will go far, some that will not be so lucky. In short, a sign that there product and also the good in Aragon .

Product like Tachenko , the award took two (best song and best video for Loophole) of the three categories that were nominated; or the Volador , clinching the award for best group . Awards for those who have ceased to be a promise ( Lousiana, greater projection ), for those who work with little support ( Delirium Tremens, better self – released album ) and for those who are fully committed: Enrique Bunbury, award for best live 2010 .

Prizes for the soloists (Pecker) and for those who do it in group (Dada, best EP). For those who enjoy next to the mixer, but each in his own style: Chelis, best DJ; and Rap’sus’Klei, whose album pandemic took the best album . Recognition for those who dare with home, as Pepin Banzo, who with his Jota from Saragosa got the award for best song in minority language Aragonese.

Not only groups and singers make the Aragonese music presumption of good health, so there are also prizes for those who support them , as Luis Lles or Matías Uribe, whose blog The voice of my master won the award for best web ahead of Zaragoza2016 among others. And also prizes for the inside and the outside: This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship, of Bigott, award for best production ; and Little things, Stabilito Diego, awarded by its cover .

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The City of Zaragoza could host Arcosur on October 18

The owners of a house in the new neighborhood of Arcosur already see the date closer to enter to live in their new homes. According to the agenda of the City of Zaragoza, October 18 is the day chosen for the neighborhood rececpcionar zaragozano by the Consistory , the same day that Endesa will start to manage the new high electric sumistro for future neighbors.

In this way, if nothing prevents it, during the first half of November will be delivered in a definitive way the 2,500 first homes. In this way, it will end with several instability, in which many neighbors feared delays when entering to live in their new homes. Likewise, the Board of Directors has announced that the ‘unveiling’ of the area will also be carried out on October 18 itself.

Today, in the absence of receiving the neighborhood, it has terminated the Phase 1 while the second will be finished “at the latest” next November 15 , according to data handled by the Board of Directors of the neighborhood. This second phase is the only plot located to the north of the new neighborhood, which in turn connects directly with Rosales del Canal. If all of these dates are fulfilled, the neighbors have already announced the celebration of “an act that symbolizes all the way traveled until now and the struggle that our organization has taken to make Arcosur a reality,” they say

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Unrest in Madrid closes a 25-S with 64 injured and 35 detainees

The peaceful rally of ‘Surrounds Congress’ did not finish as intended by its organizers and despite the large police presence and a large majority manifested civic manerca, from 21:30 ET on ending the permit concentration granted by the Government Office, the unrest began.

Once again, a minority scattered between Atocha and Neptune again confronted and provoked the police officers, who had clear orders to avoid any kind of altercation. And from Avenida Barcelona City could envision dozens of police vehicles at the entrances to the Atocha station, from the Paseo del Prado, the own station and Calle Atocha . Minorities scattered in various groups cut off the traffic by dumping trash and containers to keep vehicles from moving.

Clashes with the police spread through neighboring streets when there were just protesters and extended in time almost until midnight with a final balance of 64 injured and 35 detainees. The moments of greater tension were lived in the square of Neptune. There the police had to carry rubber balls because of the violence of another minority group of demonstrators. Even the violent attempts reached inside Atocha, on the same platforms.

But, loads started even before. At seven p.m. moments of tranquility and peaceful protest with the first incident occurred s minority who began throwing bottles, batteries and other objects. Three agents were assaulted by this group of demonstrators, although they achieved their goal: that no one skipped the police ring that shielded the Congress from midnight Monday to Tuesday even for one of the 13 alleys that give access to the hemicycle. Among them, Cidacos, Zorrilla or even by the main street: the race of San Jerónimo.

The goal of symbolically surround the Congress to mostar the citizens are fed by government measures, calling for his resignation and make way for a constitutional process (idea have repeated the organizers ad nauseum) was watered down by the incidents were in Growing as it advanced late Tuesday night.

The agents were distributed into three police rings. In all, almost 1,400 police officers came from 30 of the 52 groups of IPUs of the National Police. It was the first arrests at seven o’clock in the afternoon that boosted the mood and opened the way for the uproar of some citizens who demanded to approach the Congress accusing the politicians of hiding in the hemicycle. Many fathers and mothers expressed their complaints about the employment status of their children : unemployed or in fear of losing their jobs. With the mood on one of the images of the day it was distributed: that of an older man dragged by police Naciona l, which has turned in RRSS. Twitter circulated the instant that spread like wildfire

Protesters have decided to return to half past seven p.m. on Wednesday to express their revulsion and attract more groups.

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The truth of the Pennant car

Zaragocista former player bought during his time in the Aragonese capital aPorsche Cayenne second hand joined together with the Ferrari F430 brought from England, its fleet.

At the end of August and coinciding with his transfer to Stoke City, the Briton parked his car at the Delicias station in Zaragoza when he was ready to catch the train leaving inside the ticket.

After three weeks – and not five months – on 22 September, the footballer contacted JF NovaService , company multiservice dedicated to personal assistance, who were responsible for  picking up the car and park it in the house Pennant has rented in Zaragoza , Where it has remained until this moment.

Sources close to the footballer have contributed documents to with which they pretend to certify that the information on the incident that have appeared in various national and local media and which are being echoed English media do not fit the reality.

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Almost a hundred professionals of the culture ask for the cessation of Vadillo

Ninety professionals of the culture have signed a manifesto in which they ask the cessation of the director general of Culture of the Government of Aragon, Humberto Vadillo, to consider his writings and declarations “insulting” towards the different artistic manifestations that occur in the Community. Writers, editors, historians, academics and average lessons, scientists, filmmakers, actors, producers and photographers have signed this manifesto, including Angel Guinda, Julian Casanova, José Luis Corral, Manuel Vilas, Jesus Bondía, Vicky Calavia, Margarita Barbáchano, Pedro Arrojo, Javier Anós and Antonio Altarriba.

In the letter, demanding the dismissal or resignation of Vadillo, who they accuse of having excelled in a short time by their “hostility” towards representatives of culture, which he calls “puppeteers” and into the languages of Aragon, and Defend, with arguments “devoid of all logic”, the non-intervention of the public or the State in cultural projects. The signatories consider these statements “very serious” because Culture, they affirm, “is civilization, as well as a broad concept that includes science, arts, literature, education, theater, music, cinema, dance and Progress”.

“His words have caused discomfort they assure rejection and contempt shown towards creators and the stubborn defense of a model of culture without state intervention” and above these circumstances, they wonder why has accepted the position.

In his view, the “extremist” positions Vadillo are “incompatible” with the serenity and the amount of effort required to manage such an important part of the Aragonese society topromote and stimulate the culture of Aragon and to collection and defend the rights of professionals from different areas involved and therefore believe that it is not worthy of holding public office.